SpriteStudio5 Player for UE4 / English


 ■Blueprint Reference

This page is a reference for Blueprint functions of the SsPlayer component/widget.

For the information about the SpriteStudio plug-in, please visit this page. For the information about SpriteStudio (main software), please visit this page.

Play / Play by Index


Plays an animation.

Please specify the animation name for “Play”, and the index for “Play by Index”

The settings specified by the arguments can be changed even after starting to play.

When the animation finishes playing as the loop ends, it will stop at the last frame.

Get Playing Animation Name / Get Playing Animation Index


Gets the name/index of the animation that is being played.

Pause / Resume


Pauses / Resumes the animation with the settings maintained.

Is Playing


Gets whether an animation is being played.

Get Num Anim Packs / Get Num Animations / Get Num Animations by Index


Gets the number of animations contained in the SsProject asset that has been specified.

Get Play Frame / Set Play Frame


Gets/sets the current frame.

Get Loop Count / Set Loop Count


Gets/sets the loop count that has yet to be executed.

Setting a value that is zero or less makes the loop infinite.

Is Round Trip / Set Round Trip


Gets/sets whether to play the animation forwards and then backwards after reaching the end frame and so on.

One way is counted as one loop when playing the animation with Round Trip set.

Get Play Rate / Set Play Rate


Gets/sets the play rate.

When setting 1.0, the animation will be played normally. When setting a negative value, the animation will be played backwards.

Get Flip H / Set Flip H / Get Flip V / Set Flip V


Gets/sets whether the animation is flipped horizontally/vertically.

The “H” stands for “horizontally” and the “V” stands for “vertically”.

Add Texture Replacement / Add Texture Replacement by Index


Registers a texture replacement for a certain part.

Remove Texture Replacement / Remove Texture Replacement by Index /

Remove Texture Replacement All


Unregisters a texture replacement for a certain part.

Update Player


Updates the animation by one frame.

This is used when the “Auto Update” property is set to OFF.

Get Render Target


Gets the texture of the render target when the rendering mode is OffScreenPlane or OffScreenOnly.

Get Part Color Label / Get Part Color Label by Index


Gets the color label of a specified part.
Note: Color Label was newly added to SpriteStudio5.6.0.
Note: This function can be used in v1.1.0_UE4.10_SS5.6.0 or later.

On Ss End Play


Event called when the animation finishes playing.

On Ss User Data


Event called when keyframes of the User Data set for the animation are played.

You can access each element of the User Data struct by “Break”ing the struct.

SpawnSsPlayerAtLocation / SpawnSsPlayerAtLocationByIndex


Spawns an SsPlayerActor with the selected animation being set, and the animation is played a single time. This is assumed to be used mainly for effects.

As it’s a static function, it can be called from a Level Blueprint.

When AutoDestroy is set to OFF, the user needs to manage the lifetime of the Actor.

The return value is the reference to the SsPlayerActor. It’s possible to directly handle it after the animation begins to play.


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