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■ Package creation steps

This page shows the steps to package a project that uses the SpriteStudio plug-in.

For the information about the SpriteStudio plug-in, please visit this page. For the information about SpriteStudio (main software), please visit this page.

C++ projects

There is no limitation on packaging.

You can package a C++ project for its target platform with the usual steps.

Blueprint projects

As of the latest version of UE4 (UE4.7.5, April 2015), the already-built plug-in doesn’t support packaging a Blueprint project.

For packaging, you first need to convert a Blueprint project into a C++ project.

1. Install Visual Studio or Xcode

As the project needs to be built as a C++ project, you need to install Visual Studio for Windows and Xcode for Mac.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to write any code.

2. Add C++ code to the project

In the main menu, select File -> Add Code to Project….

The window for creating a class will open. You don’t need to change the default settings.

The conversion to a C++ project has finished. You can now package it.

For how to package a project for the Android or iOS platform, please refer to the steps described in the official documents.

For the Android platform

For the iOS platform



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Package creation steps

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