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■How to import an SSPJ file

This page shows the steps to import an .sspj file into UE4 after having introduced the SpriteStudio plug-in.

For the information about the SpriteStudio plug-in, please visit this page. For the information about SpriteStudio (main software), please visit this page.

In the same way as importing model data from FBX, you can drag and drop an .sspj file created with SpriteStudio to the Content Browser of UE4 to import the animation data.

An SsProject asset and texture assets used in the animation should be created.



You can test with your original animation data, of course. You can also download sample data from the web site of Web Technology for a temporary test.

Also, they provide a sample animation of a Uni..sorry, character. If you are new to SpriteStudio, I recommend you to test using the animation.


Double-clicking the imported SsProject file opens the viewer as shown below.

To begin with, please check the animation data.




If it can play normally, the import is completed.


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 ■About SpriteStudio (main software)
 Please visit the following official page of Web Technology.