SpriteStudio5 Player for UE4 / English


SpriteStudio5 Player for UE4 is a plug-in you can use to handle
2D animation data created with SpriteStudio5 in Unreal Engine 4.
Its source code and plug-in that has been built for Windows/Mac are now available on GitHub.


To get the plug-in and the source code

You can download them from the following page of GitHub:


■Tutorials If you newly introduce the plug-in, please refer to the following tutorials first.
How to intoduce the plug-in to your project
How to import an SSPJ file
How to use an SsProject asset from Blueprint
・How to use the plug-in with HUD  UMG / Canvas

Features reference Features reference for Blueprint can be referred to on the following page.
Property reference
Blueprint reference

Tips and others
 ・Tips & limitations
Package creation steps

 ■About SpriteStudio (main software)
 Please visit the following official page of Web Technology.