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Icon128How to use SpriteStudio data from UMG

This page shows the steps to lay out and use SpriteStudio data on UMG.

For the information about the SpriteStudio plug-in, please visit this page. For the information about SpriteStudio (main software), please visit this page.

After creating a WidgetBlueprint, select [Ss Player Widget] from the [Palette] to place it.

Just setting the SsProject asset for [SsProject] on the [Details] tab will make it ready.


It behaves on UMG in the same way as an Image Widget.

Also, as with an SsPlayer component, it can be controlled from a graph of a WidgetBlueprint.

Its properties and Blueprint functions are almost equivalent to those of the component. However, please note that when using it from UMG, the rendering method is locked to off-screen rendering.



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 Please visit the following official page of Web Technology.