“Unreal Engine 5” Tech Demo Game : The Market of Light

A short exploration game and tech demo for Unreal Engine 5

This is a short game and tech demo created with the early access build of Unreal Engine 5.
The player is a firefly that collects orbs of light scattered around the market.
A small-town marketplace seems huge from the perspective of a tiny firefly.
Enjoy next-generation quality graphics, 4.9 billion polygons, 253 8K textures,
and 1,065 4K textures while exploring a town marketplace from a micro point of view.

Inspired by the excitement of the announcement by Unreal Engine 5, we created this game.
‘Nanite’ handles unlimited polygons, ‘Lumen’, which allows for perfectly dynamic lighting, and the latest visual effect tool, ‘Niagara’.
Even one would have been sensational, but it’s a major event to have all of them come out at almost the same time.

The 3 colors of light represent Nanite, Lumen, and Niagara.
This game features next-generation representations of these new functions.
We live in an interesting time, a turning point of technology, enjoy it with us!

Play time: 15 – 30 minutes


  • Seamless explorationSearch for orbs of light scattered around town. For every three white orbs of light you collect, one large colored orb will be released. Experience the seamless way Nanite transitions between LOD models while you explore.
  • Experience super close-up viewsThanks to Nanite, which handles unlimited polygons, you can appreciate the way many objects, like detailed fruits and vegetables, maintain their realism no matter how close you get. It is also possible to change the resolution to suit the distance of the point of view of the camera through Virtual Texturing technology. A high level of detail is shown by using very high-resolution texture, even at point blank range.
  • Dynamic sunlight changesLumen enables perfect, dynamic lighting. The ambient lighting transitions seamlessly from a lively daytime atmosphere to a quiet nighttime.
  • Progressive Particle ManipulationThe latest visual effect tool, Niagara, implements mesh effects and particle obstacle evasion.
  • Quick development using high quality assetsThe majority of the scenery was created by just two core team members. Large quantities of Megascans assets, which improved accessibility in UE5, were utilized in order to minimize the need for manpower. Also, there is no limit to polygons due to Nanite, so we’ve used assets marketed for films without the need for reduction. We hope you can get a feel for this new development workflow.
  • And finally, a secret!If you collect all the white orbs something good might happen… After playing through once, challenge yourself to collect them all.


Title :The Market of Light
Genre :Short exploration adventure game / tech demo game
Device :PC (Steam)
Price :Free
Players :One
Release Date :Sept 28th 2021 (Tuesday)